Photography by Evelyne


The Story

Last year I created photo desk calendars for friends and clients and I've been asked to make them again this year. I always hoped to sell my photography; however, due to the earthquake in Haiti, I want to sell my calendars and donate the profits to earthquake relief.

The Cause

100% of the profits from the calendars will go to Partners in Health for water, food, shelter, first aid, medical supplies, medication, transportation, and more.
Dr. Mark Hyman, who specializes in functional medicine, is one of my favorite health authors; after the earthquake, he flew to Haiti with several others to help and is asking for donations to 2 organizations including Partners in Health and Save the Children.
You can read more about Partners in Health by going to
Dr. Hyman's efforts were profiled on 60 Minutes recently, you can view the video at

About Me

I am a personal trainer and holistic health counselor, but photography has always been a hobby of mine. I love to travel just to take pictures. I hope you enjoy your calendar as much as I enjoyed taking the photographs and putting them together! My website is